Vegetarian   Menu


Cream of Tomato Soup with Croutons                                                                                                  725/-

Homemade fresh tomato & basil Soup with fried croutons

Chilled Gazpacho Soup with Cheddar Thins                                                                                        700/-

Fresh tomato, garlic, pepper soup with Cheddar cheese biscuit

Spinach & Feta Falafel with Tzatziki                                                                                                      725/-

Spinach, Feta & Chickpeas combined with cumin rolled into balls with a Tsatsiki dressing

Two Flavour Bruschetta – Tomato & Basil & Avocado                                                                      700/-

Toasted bread topped with fresh tomato & basil & creamed avocado

Champignons Provençale                                                                                                                         850/-

Sliced mushrooms cooked In white wine & provençale herbs, served on toast

Deep Fried Camembert Cheese with Cranberry Jus                                                                          850/-

Camembert cheese, deep fried & served with a cranberry jelly.

Chevré Cheese, Beetroot & Rocket  Salad                                                                                            850/-

Goats cheese served on sliced beetroot & topped with fresh wild rocket

Baked Chevré Cheese Tartlets with Apple & Walnut Salad                                                             850/-

Baked Goats cheese served with apple & walnut salad

Haloumi Cheese with Caper & Lime Vinegrette                                                                                 950/-

Fried Haloumi served with a caper & lime vinegrette


Main Courses

Pasta Napolitana                                                                                                                                        950/-

Pasta with a fresh tomato & basil sauce

Vegetable Tagine with Almond & Chickpea Couscous                                                                      1300/-

Our take on a traditional Moroccon recipe

Baked Greek Omelette with Tomato & Onion Salad                                                                         1200/-

A chunky baked omelette with greens, herbs, leeks &  feta, served with Tabolleh

Vegetable Shepherds Pie                                                                                                                          1200/-

A pie filled with creamy curried vegetables, topped with a cheese mashed potatoes

Savoury Mushroom Crépes                                                                                                                      1200/-

Parsley crepés filled with a mushroom & feta cheese sauce, drizzled with a spinach coulis

Mozzerella & Sunblushed Tomato Risotto with Basil                                                                       1400/-

Risotto rice with melting mozzarella, sunblushed tomatoes with basil leaves

Brocolli au Gratin with Mixed Salad                                                                                                      1350/-

Brocolli & red peppers topped with a rich cheese sauce

Paneer in Herby Tomato Sauce                                                                                                               1300/-

Paneer mixed with curried vegetables, topped with roasted cashew nuts

Macaroni Cheese with Mushrooms                                                                                                       1300/-

Macaroni pasta mixed with mushrooms, tomatoes & blue cheese

Curried Rice with Spinach  (Vegan)                                                                                                        1300/

Rice mixed with curry spices, raisins, spinach & cashew nuts, topped with natural yoghurt

Bean & Vegetable Chilli (Vegan)                                                                                                              1300/-

Beans & mushrooms mixed with a sweet red pepper sauce & spices served with

brown rice & green salad

Spicy Pea Curry with Paratha                                                                                                                  1300/-

A gently spiced curry of peas mixed with paneer, vegetables, served with paratha